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SP11 SMS processor (7DIn,2AIn,8DOut,Datalogger,Li-ION,8-30V)

GSM-SP11 is industrial SMS processor for remote controling and monitoring using GSM network.
— datalogger
— 7DIn
— 2AIn ( 0-20mA, 0-10V, KTY, Pt100, Pt1000 )
— 8DOut
— Li-ION accumulator
— power 8-30V DC

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GSM-SP11 is a powerful remote control and monitoring device. It enables to monitor digital and analog inputs status and to control outputs via GSM network. SP11 can control via SMS messages or GPRS connection. SMS messages can be sent or received on any GSM device (for example the owner´s or maitenance mobile phone, PC in control room with GSM modem).  The behavior of a device and names of inputs and outputs are in SMS version fully selectable via USB cable or remotely (GPRS) using supplied configuration software. The defined emergency conditions may result in sending a SMS message to the list of telephone numbers (boiler failure, gas leakage, rapid drop or rise of temperature or level) including information about the failure and restoration of power supply.

Continuous monitoring

It is a function in which GPRS connection is used to monitor whether the GSM-SP11 is connected to the GSM network.


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GSM-SP117DIn, 2AIn, 8DOutYES60x90x80 60x90x53*1)see SupportCall and askCall and ask
GSM-SP11B7DIn, 2AIn, 8DOutNO60x90x8060x90x53*1)see SupportCall and askCall and ask

*1) It’s possible to rebuild the box for a certain fee.


  • Simple installation – The device is delivered with a frame for mounting onto DIN rail.
  • Easy monitoring – just send a SMS message “1234 STATE“ to receive a message about the state of the device inputs and outputs.
  • Configuration and Monitoring SW – user friendly PC SW works either locally via USB port or remotely using GPRS.
  • Backup power – backup Li-ION battery enables alert on 230 VAC failure.
  • The “Alive” function – an event from the schedule allows you to regularly inform that the device is functional.
  • Battery charge information – in status message and in macro.
  • “Domino” system – event notification for multiple users ends with the reaction of the first of them.
  • A built-in pulse counter


  • Boiler houses, heating plants and heat pumps – remote control, monitoring, fault report
  • Industrial objects – water plants, water reservoirs, small hydroelectric stations, boiler plants
  • Technology processes – fault report, gas leakage, drop or rise of temperature or level, freezing point monitoring.
  • Electricity meters and water meters – consumption reading

Configuration sw

For configuration of GSM-SP11 is used sw SeaConfigurator (full version can be downloaded for free in the section support).

Setup and monitoring (configuration and monitoring sw)

The program SeaConfigurator is used for configuration. This software for PC provides connection either using USB cable or remotely using GPRS. The software is free to download and without any restrictions.

Controlling from your phone

Android and iOS applications

For the functionality of the CML application, it is necessary to have an activated data tariff on the SIM card, which is inserted in the device. Transferred data can be charged by the operator according to the tariff agreed by you.


To simplify and conveniently manage your devices from a range of GSM applications, we have developed an application for Android smartphones and iOS (Apple). This application is free of charge.

This app only serves to simplify control. It is not a condition for control. If you do not have an Android phone, you can control the device via SMS or ringing.

You can download this application from  Google Play or Apple Store for free, type into search „CML SEA“. After installing the application, make the first registration, take a photo of the QR code of the device into the “paring code”. The QR code you find in the GSM-SP11 package.

On-line Data on a website

You can monitor the measured values, including the history, and display them clearly on the website. You can also control the outputs or set up e-mails with alarm messages directly from the website.

Power supply:     8 – 30 VDC (max. 0.5 A / 12 VDC, average consumption 2.5 W)
Digitital input:7 inputs (8 – 30 VDC); galvanically separated (one common terminal)
Analog input:2 selectable as: current (0-20 mA), voltage (0-10 V), temperature (for sensors type KTY, Pt100, Pt1000)
Digital output:8 outputs (100 mA/50 VDC or 70 mA/35 VAC), galvanically separated
Ports: USB 2.0 for programming and monitoring
GSM:850/900/1800/1900 MHz
operating temperature:-20 to +45°C
dimensions:width 60 mm x height 90 mm x depth 80 mm (53 mm) **) (width without GSM antenna, depth from DIN rail)

*) See the manual for technical details.

**) It’s possible to exchange the box for a certain fee.