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Big BOX for SPx (high cover,IP55 incl. power supply PWR1)

!!!Please note this is only BOX with power supply!!!

The GSM module is ordered as a separate item.

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Big BOX for SPxx is an accessory for GSM-SP11 and GSM-SP11B.

It is a plastic enclosure with IP55 enclosure equipped with a GSM-PWR1 power supply. There is one free DIN rail in the BOX, for example, for a backup battery, …

Possibilities of use

  • Boiler rooms, heating plants and heat pumps
  • Industrial objectswaterworks, reservoirs, small hydropower plants, boiler rooms
  • Technological processesfault states, gas leakage, temperature drop or rise, levels, freezing point monitoring
  • External dimensions: width 170 mm, height 140 mm without bushings and antenna connector, depth 160 mm
  • Transparent cover allows control without opening

1pc        Plastic BOX with mounted power supply  GSM-PWR1

ATTENTION! It does not contain any other devices. This must be ordered separately ( devices on the photos are for illustration only ).

Example order:

You need GSM-SP10 in big plastic BOX with 230V power supply.

1pc           GSM-SP11 or GSM-SP11B

1pc           GSM-SP-BOXVV