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We specialize in development, manufacturing (EMS-Electronics Manufacturing Services) and assembling of electronics, especially in the field of  GSM applications and customer electronics.
We offer the service and products at high technical level to our customers to comply with the latest trends in an electronic development. We offer complete service in a development of electronic appliances and customer solutions. Our designers and engineers have a long term experiences with electronic design and development. Our complete service covers all steps of electronic development as PCB wiring diagram, PCB design, SW development, production and assembly of prototypes, technology and manufacturing documentation, papers for testing laboratory and certification.

Our advantages:

  • individual and professional approach to the customers
  • complete development service including a engineering production
  • HW and SW development
  • quick PCB prototyping production on milling machine
  • own SMT assembly line

Our company offers the electronic development service from 1992. We successfully completed high number of projects; either small projects which took days or long-term projects which lasted several month.  We used processors 8051 from the beginning. Now we use ST processors Arm®-based Cortex®-M0 and M0+, Cortex®-M3, Cortex®-M4 a Cortex®-M7 for new projects.

Milling machine LPKF enables PBC milling from GERBER datas. It is suitable for a PCB prototype to verify function or mechanical dimensions and placement of connectors.

Oscilloscope Tektronix MSO3014 up to 20 analog and digital signals can be analyzed with a single device quickly find and diagnose problems in complex designs. Bandwidth at 500 MHz and at least 5x downsampling on all channels. You have the power you need for many of today’s mainstreams applications. Capture long window signal activity while maintaining fine resolution timing, MSO / DPO3000 offers a deep recording length 5 Standard on all channels. Wave Inspector® for fast wave navigation, automated serial and parallel bus analysis and automated performance analysis. The Oscilloscope from Tektronix offers a rich feature the tools you need to simplify and speed up the debugging of your complex design.

Oscilloscope Instek GDS-2204E  Visual Persistence 8-Inch Digital Storage Oscilloscope, with LCD Colour Display and USB Port, Bandwidth 200MHz, 4 CH, Rise Time 1.75 NS. Digital memory oscilloscope for electronic devices such as product design and debugging or maintenance and electrical applications. Vertical sensitivity of 1 mV per Division for detecting of low pass signals. Maximum real time sampling rate from 2 GS/s and a maximum wavelength of 2 Mpts per channel for achieving detailed waveforms. 8 inch TFT LCD screen ( 800 x 600 pixels ) to view the waveforms, with 8 x 10 part grid. CE certified, safety certification for 300 V (Cat I).

Thermocamera FLIR E5 – The camera is designed for fault diagnosis and for thermal load analysis of joints and components. It includes a built-in digital camera that allows you to take a photo with a thermogram (ie, a “thermal image”). This function of thermal imagers is now necessary, as it allows to recognize and accurately identify the measurement object and the measured object. So-called image functions are also available for this purpose. Sensor resolution 120 x 90 px, temperature sensitivity <0.10 ° C, temperature range -20 ° C… + 250 ° C, field of view 45 ° x 34 °, image modes: thermogram, real image, MSX, gallery.

Digital multimeter Keysight 34461A – It offers a full range of measurements. Color 4.3 inch graphic display with built-in bar graph, histogram, math and statistics. Test low-voltage low-voltage devices from 100 µA to 10 A. I / O: USB, LAN / LXI, GPIB (optional). 11 measurement functions: DC / AC voltage, DC / AC current, 2- and 4-wire resistance, diode, continuity, frequency, period, temperature. Basic accuracy: 0.0035% DC, 0.06% AC.

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Programmable LCR bridge HAMEG HM8118  Desktop LCR Meter. Measuring range: 20 Hz to 200 kHz (69 steps), basic accuracy: 0.05%, measurement rate: up to 12 values per second. Automatic or manual selection of circuit type (serial, parallel). Tunable DC BIAS (voltage / current): internal: 0V to 5V / 0mA to 200mA (resolution: 10mV / 1mA), external: 0V to 40V (BIAS voltage only) RS-232 / USB dual interface for remote control. Measuring functions: L, C, R, | Z |, X, | Y |, G, B, D, Q, Θ, Δ, M, N. Transformer measurement: mutual inductance and ratio.

Mutlimetr Tektronix DMM4050  Desktop digital multimeter, with 6.5 digital resolution, allows you to measure volts, ohms and amps with a basic V DC accuracy of 0.0024%. Integrated frequency, period, capacitance and temperature measurements allow a wide range of measurements with one instrument. You can also monitor and record measurements over time or environmental values and view statistical values to see how your circuit’s performance changes. And dedicated front panel buttons provide quick access to frequently used functions and parameters and reduce setup time. Multimeter offers tools with many features you need even for the most demanding measurements.

Programmable source PSp-405 – Single-purpose, 200W, programmable switched-mode power supply OVP, OCP, OTP and OPP protect the PSP-Series and its load from unexpected conditions. Output voltage: 0… 40V DC, output current: 0… 5A, power supply: 115 / 230V AC ± 10%, 50 / 60Hz


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