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Universal testing and programming machine

Universal testing and programming machine – UNISTROJ-2G was developed for programming processors and testing the functionality of assembled printed circuit boards. The whole concept of the machine is made so that it can be used for various types of printed circuit boards and quickly adjusted to customer requirements.

Our advantages are

  • Individual adjustment of the machine
  • Possibility of programming processors
  • Possibility of testing PCB functionality
  • Saving time for testing

The testing and programming machine can be equipped with a test head, vacuum pipettes and other accessories according to the customer’s specifications and needs. The machine utility runs on a PC with Windows 7 and higher.

ICT and FCT tester

ICT and FCT tester

The basic variant has one test head with a vacuum pipette. The customer solution can be adjusted to your requirements.

Technical parameters

Technical parameters

Dimensions 742 x 822 x 482 mm
Weight (without accessories) 40 kg
Workspace 420 x 410 x 90 mm
Fixing table 492 x 492 mm
Repeatable accuracy ± 0,04 mm
Power supply 230V/50Hz
Communication with PC Ethernet / Serial port
Control system Fatek FBS-60MCJ2-AC
  X Y Z
Motors SX23-2727 SX23-1414 SX23-1414
Microstep 1/16 0,1125º  (0,01875 mm) 0,1125º  (0,01875 mm) 0,1125º  (0,01875 mm)
Recommended current for the motor 2,5 A 1,4 A 1,4 A
Recommended speeds 130-200 mm/s 180-390 mm/s 150-280 mm/s


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