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Expansion module for SP10,SP11(9DIn,7AIn-0-20mA,0-10V,temp)

9 Digital inputs
7 Analog inputs

Connects as an expansion module for inputs to GSM-SP11 or GSM-SP11B

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GSM-SP-EXP is an expansion module for GSM-SP11 or GSM-SP11B, which has 9 digital inputs and 7 analog inputs.

The set GSM-SP-EXP together with GSM-SP11 has 16 digital inputs, 9 analog inputs and 8 digital outputs.

Inputs can be individually set via configuration SW SeaConfigurator as voltage ( 0 to +10V ), current ( 0 to +20mA ) or temperature ( for sensors type KTY80-2xx, Pt100 or Pt1000 ). GSM-SP-EXP is connected to GSM-SP11 or GSM-SP11B via the flat strip cable, from which the unit is also powered.

Digital inputs:9 inputs (8-30VDC); galvanically separated (one common terminal)
Analog inputs:7 separately selectable as:
   voltage ( 0 to 10 V )
   current ( 0 to 20 mA )
   temperature ( for sensors type KTY80-2xx, Pt100 or Pt1000 )
Dimensions:width 60 mm x height 90 mm x depth 80 mm
( width without GSM antenna, depth from DIN rail )
Power Supply:from the basic unit SP11 via flat strip cable


1pc GSM-SP-EXP ( with expansion flat cable )