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GSM remote control RELLAY 5 (1DIn or 1temp,5DIn,1DOut, 230V)

Order No.: GSM-R5-ZAS-5IN
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The GSM rele5 ( GSM-R5-ZAS ) device is actually an electrical outlet controlled by a mobile phone via SMS. This allows you to switch on and off the conventional electrical appliance 230 V / 50 Hz, 10 A, typically an oil radiator. To put the GSM rele5 into operation, just insert the SIM card of any operator. The GSM rele5 is also suitable for RESETing servers, routers or modems.

In practice, communication takes place by sending an SMS message in the form “1234 ZAP” (“1234 VYP”, etc.), where “1234” is your pre-set password, which of course you can change. The GSM relay 5 tells you that the instruction has been received. If you do not want this answer, send a message in the form “1234 ZAP ZAP”, meaning “DO NOT send a confirmation message”.

The GSM relay 5 is equipped with an analog input for temperature measurement. The current sensor temperature information is a part of the status message the GSM rele5 sends each time the SMS command is acknowledged or the “1234 STAV” command is requested. The GSM relay 5 can also regulate room temperature to the desired temperature by switching on and off the connected electrical appliance (such as an oil radiator). Just send an SMS message in the form “1234 TEPL 21” and the GSM rele5 will start to adjust to 21 ° C.

The GSM relay 5 can also be configured to send an SMS message when it drops or exceeds pre-set temperature limit. The report is sent to the phone number stored in the configuration under the name “MASTER”. The MASTER number is the number which the GSM relay 5 received first message from(e.g.: “1234 ZAP”)

GSM relay is equipped with button. It’s used for changing the state of the outlet ( ON/OFF ).

note: The temperature sensor is not included. You need to orded it separately. Recommended type is: GSM-C-T2

Usage examples

  • holiday houses – remote controll of heating , water heating, air conditioning…
  • Event announcement – door opening, windows, signal from security device
  • Room temperature control – Automatic switching on and off of the connected radiator
  • Monitoring the temperature drop below a set limit – the temperature is monitored at the connected temperature sensor
  • remote reset of computers
  • Switch on / off heating, el. Boiler, boiler, gas boiler, air conditioning, storage stoves – you can turn the heating on or off simply by sending an SMS message
  • Heating regulation according to non-frost temperature – connect the temperature sensor and set the required temperature via SMS. If the temperature drops below the set, you will automatically receive a warning SMS


  • Easy installation – simply by plugging into a mains socket without interfering with mains wiring
  • Simple controll – just send an SMS from your mobile phone.
  • Plug&Play – the basic setting is directly from the factory, no complicated setup is required
  • Reconfiguration – simple editing of phone numbers and other parameters from the SeaConfigurator

Setup and monitoring ( configuration and monitoring sw )

The program SeaConfigurator is used for configuration. This software for PC provides connection either using USB cable or remotely using GPRS. The software is free to download and without any restrictions.

App for controlling with SMARTPHONE

For simple and convenient control and management of the device from GSM applications series we have developed app that is for smartphones with OS Android. This application is for free on Google play and without any restrictions. More information can be found HERE.

This app only serves to simplify control. It is not a requirement for operation. If you do not have an Android smartphone, you can control the device via SMS or ringtone.


Order number

Antenna connector

Internal battery

Expansion inputs and outputs

GSM-R5-ZAS-2AYESYES2x temperature
GSM-R5-ANTEditing: SMA connector (F)
for an external antenna
GSM-R5-BATRecharge the battery

*1) Inputs and outputs are galvanically isolated from the device and between each other.

*2) Inputs and outputs are galvanically isolated from the device but have one common terminal.

Power supply230 Vac (+/- 10%)
Output socket230 Vac/ 10 A max. – resistive load*)
Device consumption3 W; standby 1 W
Operating temperature-20 to +40 °C
*)For loads greater than 10A or inductive or capacitive loads, use a different type of device
e.g.: GSM-R4-DIN with additional relay or contactor.


1GSM relay
12 pin connector pitch 3,81mm
16 pin connector pitch 3,81mm ( only with GSM-R5-ZAS-xxx version )
1antenna GSM-ANT11K ( only with GSM-R5-ZAS-xxx )
1screwdriver 2mm


User manual CZGSM-R5-ZAS_User_Manual EN v2-05
USB drivery pro Windows (Ve Windows 10 se potřebný driver doinstaluje automaticky) GSM-R5-ZAS_bgs5-drivers
SeaControl ( program for controlling and monitoring GSM equipment from SEA)  GSM-CONTROL
SeaConfigurator ( program for setting up and monitoring GSM devices SEA s.r.o. ), GSM-CONFIGURATOR