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HONEYCSALE is a complete kit for remote monitoring and honey harvest evaluation of up to 32 beehives placed in close surroundings. Moreover HoneyScale records hourly weight and calculates daily weight gain or loss for individual beehives at midnight. Internal and external temperature of beehives is also recorded.

Weight gains and temperatures are presented in the form of graph accessible from any web browser on your PC, tablet or mobile phone (smartphone). Remote connection between HoneyScale and your web browser can be achieved using Ethernet connection, WiFi or GSM networks.

HoneyScale consists of S-UL-R base unit, single for each kit installation, and many S-UL-MER measurement units connected via 4-wire cable to base unit. Up to 32 S-UL-MER units can be present in the system concurrently. Measurement unit consists of a temperature sensor and 4 weight sensors which task is to precisely measure data and pass them to the base unit for data storage and presentation.


  • monitor and evaluate honey progress in summer
  • monitor weight loss during winter
  • monitor external temperature of beehive during summer (to predict harvest forecast)
  • monitor internal temperature of beehive (winter safety)
  • web browser access (PC, notebook, tablet, smartphone)


  • S-UL-STARTERKIT-KW – connect to the device using an Ethernet cable or Wifi
  • S-UL-STARTERKIT-GW – connection to the device via GSM network or Wifi