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CNC milling and engraving

We use following machines for production:

CNC machine VHF CAM 250Classic

max. dimensions: 500 x 750 mm
vacuum table: 500 x 500 mm
max. height of material in a vacuum table: 60 mm
max. height of material in mechanical fixing: 115 mm
suitable input formats: .dwg, .step, .dxf


CNC machine Isel ICP4030

max. dimensions:   400 x 300 x 140 mm
vacuum table: 200 x 134 mm
suitable input formats: HPGL, NCP, DXF, EPS

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Advantages for engraving into plastic labels

  • high durability
  • mechanical  resistance
  • colour stability
  • suitable also for prototypes

It is possible to use one-, two- or three-layer plastic, which allows to create different colour modifications.

Plastic boards for engraving

  • GRAVOPLY 1 – bright surface, thicker top layer, wide colour range, two- or three-layer plastic, total thickness 0,8/1,6/2,4/3,2 mm
  • GRAVOPLY 2 – smooth matt  surface, very thick top layer, wide colour range, two-layer plastic, total thickness 0,8/1,5/2,4 mm